Sample of Date Night Activities from Previous Years 

  Movie Night    Nestle up to your sweetie, share a bag of popcorn and enjoy a movie

  Dancing    Have fun and get your groove on by taking a partner dancing lesson and learning Salsa

  Intimate Moments    Imagine you and your lover seated at a French bistro table, hand in hand, as you enjoy one another

  Fire Pit    Take in the crisp air under the stars, while keeping warm sitting by the fire. Sip your coffee or tea and enjoy a lovely night.

  Game Room    Have fun with other couples playing party games.

  Massage Class    Couples will be given over the clothes massage techniques.

  Painting    Enjoy a fun, creative experience where an artist guides you step by step through a painting.

  Room Escape   Couples must use clues to solve a series of puzzles and escape within a set time limit.

  Let’s Make A Dish    Couples will be guided in preparing a simple dish (California Roll).

Not-so-Newlywed Game Answer questions alongside other couples to see how ell you really know your spouse.

Photo booth Couples get to take pictures together, using props or not. It’s a nice way to remember your date night.