About Marathon

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Have you ever registered for a marathon? It’s easy. Click the button. Pay the fee.

But training, running and completing a marathon?

That’s hard. 

Marriage is a marathon. We say “I do” and commit to spend our lives in a partnership with another person. That’s the easy part. 

But training, running and completing the marathon of marriage? That can be hard. Really hard.

This conference is for you if:

  • You are running with a steady stride and brisk pace and your marriage is going strong
  • Your marriage has sustained an injury and you don’t know how to keep going
  • Your marriage is experiencing a roadblock or detour and you’ve lost your way
  • You are weary of training and think you’re too tired to go on
  • You need a fresh, new pair of running shoes or drink of cool water to refresh your commitment
  • You've found your running partner and would like to get equipped before your race begins (seriously dating & engaged)

Over the course of the weekend we will hear tips for our own personal training in order to keep our marriages healthy and strong. We will hear how we can continue on course after our marriage has sustained a setback. We will explore what we want the finish line to look like.

You’ve completed the easy part—you clicked the button by saying "I do." Now it’s time to examine that commitment and run the marathon of marriage with responsibility and intentionality.